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Business cases:

“A Renewal of
system with the same
usability ”


1. About the customer
2. Problematic
4. Solution architecture
5. Current situation

1. About the client

Retailer that was born in 1997, product of the merger of important hardware companies in the construction market in Chile. Over the years, the client has positioned himself as a relevant actor within the home improvement industry.

The client has coverage throughout Chile, more than 30 branches from Arica to Puerto Montt, where he provides high service through a shopping experience with personalized attention to his clients.

2. Problematic

The client in his process of separation from the technological platform inherited from SMU, needs to perform the replacement of the systemic components and the change of the procedure for verifying the consistency of the system information, which until then was done manually. These components must be replaced in their entirety by RHISCOM BOPOS® Suite.


BOPOS Suite® In-Store Back Office Framework is a product developed by RHISCOM® for the Retail industry, it uses OEM XML ARTES and ARTS POSLog messaging systems.

BOPOS Suite® In-Store Back Office Framework contains a database model can deal with common problems of integration with different omni-channel platforms for retail by abstracting POS data collection layer and sending it to hosted ERP business systems.

4. Architecture of the solution

Achieve a renewed system for the client that would not influence a paradigm shift and usability for its collaborators. Adding functionalities such as: distribution of information within the client's company (CRM), Reporting, Persistence and Transactional Transfers.

5. Current situation

Currently the client has a configuration and integration of the Geopos, SAP system through the functionalities of RHISCOM BOPOS® Suite for this effect.

A configuration and integration of the B2B system with SAP through the functionalities of RHISCOM BOPOS® Suite, manual squaring process for the automation of this process through the functionalities of Bopos for this effect.

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