Serve the Ibero-American Retail industry with high quality solutions for our Clients' service points, incorporating innovation, cutting-edge technology, specialization and business knowledge.


Respect for other people


To be a leader in solutions for the Retail industry, exceeding the expectations of our Clients and encouraging the professional and human development of the RHISCOM Family.

About us

Since 1998, the commitment of our workers has led us to be specialists in services for the Retail industry in Latin America, developing our international presence to be closer to the expectations of our customers and better understand their needs. Therefore, we use the latest technologies and invest 30% of our income to the continuous learning of our Research and Development teams.


Since its creation in 1998, RHISCOM has increased its investment in Research and Development in order to offer effective technological solutions that allow performance control and optimization. The objective of their research is to be able to offer the widest range of products, anticipating and covering all the needs of an increasingly effective business.

  • Social
  • Security
  • Commerce
  • Mobile
  • Business management

Test process automation service

Transactional middleware

Real-time monitoring of your chain of stores

Optimized operating system for the retailer

Point of sale application and centralized management

RHISCOM Ecommerce


Each change takes time for people to get used to new technological tools and business processes. That is why RHISCOM accompanies its Clients during this transition period, guaranteeing user understanding and participation in the improvement process. This accompaniment is translated by courses and trainings in different business fields as well as consulting carried out by specialists to guide their decisions and development strategies.

  • Quality Testing
  • Consulting
  • Commerce
  • Training
  • Support


To complement its offer in retail technologies, RHISCOM has chosen to be the distributor of high quality hardware brands.
We market a wide category of products to renew your point of sale in the best conditions, respecting the demands of your business. In this sense, we know that the market we bet on has different needs in terms of quality, price and distribution. Therefore, we look for the appropriate suppliers to respond in the best way to these specific needs.

  • Point of sales
  • Information management

TCx Sky

Operating system optimized for retailer


TCx 800

All-in-one POS platform


Toshiba Self Checkout

System 7

Business Partner

Fostering relationships with our business associates and expanding our strategic alliances of regional and global reference allows us to guarantee the supply and availability of updated technology of world quality. We gain more experience through the different projects carried out jointly with our partners, seeking more and more specialization, perfection and technological improvements. Our relationship with CDA is to explore and enter the United States market to offer products and services of optimal quality, in attractive conditions and high efficiency for North American Retail.


Among others, including 10 of the largest retailers in the US and Latin America.

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