TCx 800

  • All-in-One Adjustable POS Platform
  • Achieving Brilliant Commerce with the reliability and flexibility of an all-in-one POS Solution



Delivers a flexible choice as a point-of-sale, kiosk or self-service unit based on available in-store space.


Provides a familiar interface for associates using gesture-based technology to improve usage and productivity


Enables quicker customer checkout experiences with a more responsive, reliable platform.


The evolving retail environment and rapidly changing consumer expectations means retailers have to continuously adapt the in-store experiences they provide. The TCx™ 800 allin-one POS platform is the latest retail innovation from Toshiba that enables associates to more easily deliver quicker, enjoyable experiences for shoppers. As a fully functional point-of-sale system, kiosk, or self-service unit, the TCx 800 POS platform combines both robust performance and exceptional reliability.

This all-in-one system is bundled together in an intelligently integrated designed that can be positioned anywhere in the store to support your evolving business needs.

With the TCx 800 POS Platform, you can strengthen your retail infrastructure even further by pairing it with other Toshiba products, including the TCx Sky retail-optimized operating system and family of industry-defining TCx Printers, to create a total solution that delivers the speed, security, and flexibility you need to create shopping experiences that will give your customers a reason to keep coming back.

Intelligently Designed

• Flexible configurations with three multi-touch, gesturebased screen sizes from 15” (4:3) and two wide screen options 15.6”(16:9) or 18.5” (16:9).

• Extensive accessory ports provide a rich set of connections native on the system head, built into the table top stand, or on the USB-C attached hub for accessory attachments • USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB-C ports that allow mounting of I/O devices to customize appearance and function.

• Selectable and fixed connections available Robust Performance and Reliability The TCx 800 POS platform is designed to perform to the highest standards by incorporating the latest in processing, power, and mobile technology.

• Processors – Intel 7th Generation uSeries
– Celeron 3965U
– Core i5- 7300U
– Core i7- 7600U

• Memory – 4GB standard, expandable up to 32GB.

• Open system supporting TCx Sky v1.1.01, Windows 10 IoT CBB, Windows 10 IoT LTSB 2016, enabled for Linux Kernel 4.4 (requires processor back porting)

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